The OVAVERVA is part of the official Swiss Olympic high altitude training base in St. Moritz

Those who train here at 1,856 metres above sea level benefit from the dry, bracing, alpine climate and the ideal weather conditions with an average of 322 days of sunshine per year.

St. Moritz is the official Swiss Olympic «High Altitude Training Base». The infrastructure is also available to amateur athletes and non-Olympians from Switzerland and abroad. The OVAVERVA is part of the training facilities!

Olympic and world champions swim, exercise and recuperate at the OVAVERVA.

Top athletes like Swiss triathlete and four-time Olympian Nicola Spirig and amateur athletes from major sporting events in the region, such as the Engadin Skimarathon in winter and the St. Moritz Running Festival in summer, value their training and recreation here:

  • The 25-metre pool with 6 lanes at the OVAVERVA pool complex meets the FINA standard.
  • The fitness centre offers a professional workout.
  • In the OVAVERVA spa, athletes can relax and recharge their batteries in the wellness zone after their altitude training.
  • The sports massages, etc. from our experts at the OVAVERVA regenerate the muscles and joints of elite athletes.

The “Hall of Fame” at the OVAVERVA portrays top athletes who prepare here for their competitions. Be inspired! We look forward to your visit!

HF Selina Buechel

Selina Büchel

HF Hendik Ingerbristen


HF Samuel Bolz


QF Fabienne Alder


HF Patrik Lange


QF Daniela Ryf


HF zwei Zusammen 2


HF Jakob Ingerbristen


QF Tamas Terner

QF Tamas Terner

HF zwei Zusammen 1


QF Brett Sutton


HF Julie Derron


HF Tadese abraham


HF Olivier nowak


QF Irene Cadurisch


HF Peik Lindberg


QF Nicola Spirig


Contact details for altitude training and sports camps in St. Moritz:

St. Moritz Tourismus AG

 +41 81 830 08 50

Further information about altitude training in St. Moritz at: Höhentraining in St. Moritz

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